Welcome to Blooming with Jaidis!


Hi! My name is Jaidis Shaw! Most of you may know of me through my other blog, Juniper Grove. I play many roles each day including Mother, Wife, Book Tour Coordinator, Author, Friend, and Insane Multi-tasker! Two roles that I love have withered from my life and I hope to bring them back. Those roles are Crafter and Chef. With everything on my plate I needed to prioritize my life and now I believe that I am ready to bloom once again!


I invite you to follow along on my journey to ignite those passions again! This blog will be a place of inspiration, imagination, and hopefully a learning experience! I will be documenting the DIY crafts and recipes with photos and instructions so that you can create with me! I will also be sharing my experiences with the projects such as if I will be doing it again, what skills are required, are they kid-friendly, etc.


I could never pull off a blog like this on my own and I have enlisted some enthusiastic, talented friends to post about their projects here as well because let’s face it…with everything I do every day, it would take forever to fill these pages! ;)


I hope that you will find your own passion for creating here on Blooming with Jaidis! Please excuse the lack of content. I am working diligently to get the blog up and running!


Stay Creative!


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