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Random fact about Jaidis that you probably don’t care to know but that I’m going to share anyways: I don’t eat fish. I just have this thing about eating anything that swims. It creeps me out. *shudders* My neurologist tried getting me to take fish oil when I was first diagnosed with epilepsy several years ago but I couldn’t stomach the taste and size of the capsules so I quickly stopped taking them. So when I received an email from the people at Viva Labs asking if I’d like to provide my honest review of their Krill Oil literally three days after my last seizure, I took it as a sign that maybe I should give it another try. So before I get to my review, let’s take a look at some of the benefits according to the Viva Labs website.


~ Benefits ~


* Protect Your Heart

* Sharpen Your Brain

* Lower Bad Cholesterol

* Fight PMS Symptoms

* Combat Inflammation

* Fight Aging

* Boost Your Overall Health

* Lower Blood Pressure

* Help You Sleep Better


Visit the Krill Oil website to read about the individual benefits and research associated with each.


~ Pros ~


The overall size of these Krill Oil capsules are much smaller than the fish oil capsules I have taken in the past.


There is nothing fishy about these capsules! No taste or after taste at all! According to their site, the capsules they use are Caplique capsules that specifically reduce/eliminate the fishy after taste and burps which is why they use them so it definitely works.


After my last seizure, I was prescribed several medicines and vitamins that have resulted in me having terrible heartburn on a daily basis. Once I started taking the Krill Oil, the heartburn stopped. I forgot to take the Krill Oil one day and the heartburn immediately returned. So being the curious type that I am, I purposely skipped the Krill Oil for another day and sure enough, heartburn. The next day I resumed the Krill Oil and the heartburn was gone. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a benefit or not but it worked.


I also noticed that while taking the Krill Oil, not only was I having fewer headaches but I found that I was able to concentrate better. My seizure had left me frustrated and unable to focus. I would start doing a task only to get easily distracted. I did notice a small difference in my ability to focus and I’m assuming that if I continue taking this product, I’d continue to see results since I’ve only been taking this product a short while.


~ Cons ~


They were sometimes a little hard to swallow even though they were smaller because they had some extra space within the capsule. I’m assuming the capsule is as small as it can go or they need the room to fill it but if they could find a way to remove that extra space, thus removing the air from within the capsule, it would make swallowing them easier. The capsule would tend to float in the water when I would try to swallow it and I found it a little irritating.


Here is a picture of the extra space I am referring to.




The capsules are only about an inch long but imagine how much smaller they would be with all that empty space gone.


I found that if you moved the capsule around to coat the inside with the Krill Oil, they were much easier to swallow. Simply taking them out of the bottle after having the oil settle to one end of the capsule is what makes them hard to swallow.


It has been mentioned previously on this blog that I’m a poor. Especially now that I have to pay over $130 a month just for my seizure medications alone. One bottle of Viva Labs Krill Oil (a one month supply) is $29.95 + $4.95 S/H. That is the cost of two of my seizure medicines. Need I say more?


~ Bottom Line ~


Would I continue to take Viva Labs Krill Oil? If I had the extra money to spare, yes I would. I noticed enough pros that I would be willing to continue taking this product if I could afford it. I think even being able to take it sometimes would be better than not taking it at all.


~ Giveaway ~


Want to WIN your own one month supply of Viva Labs Krill Oil? One lucky winner will have the chance to do just that! Giveaway is open to the US only.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


I received a one month supply of this product in exchange for my honest review.


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