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2013-03-28_17-53-46_765Midnight Kiss


I have wanted to try Diamond Candles forever! After entering giveaway after giveaway … and always losing … I finally broke down and bought a candle since I needed to pamper myself. And it is a good thing I did too because the day after I bought the candle I had a relapse in my epilepsy with a seizure that lasted about 18 hours so I really needed to pamper myself.


~ Pros ~


The candle darkens up after it has been on fire and so it is much prettier than when first received. Since I collect cobalt blue glass, I enjoyed the color.


The wax is soy so it is Eco-friendly and easy to remove from your skin (if you go digging for the ring). I could sit here and tell you how hard I tried to let the candle burn down to expose the ring on its own but it would be a lie. I let the candle burn for about five minutes before making a dive for the ring.


I do like that they give you a coupon with each purchase so that your friends can save $5 when they purchase a Diamond Candle, though the coupon does expire within a couple of days.


If you would like to save $5 off the purchase of a Diamond Candle, just visit link – just do it within the next couple of days!


~ Cons ~


I have to say, I think the scent is a con for me. This candle is described as “Do you remember your first kiss? This sensual fragrance is a seductive blend of berries, blooms, and musk that is bound to be a welcome accompaniment to any romantic setting.” This sounded intriguing to me at first but the longer I smell the candle, the more I don’t like it. I’m not sure if it is to musky, or too sweet … I can’t really put my finger on it. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t purchase this scent again.


Another con is the price! $24.95 for a candle is insane in my opinion! It is the main reason that has prevented me from purchasing a Diamond Candle previously.


The only other con in my opinion is the ring size. The website says that most rings come in the most popular sizes but the ring I received fits my pinky (or my middle knuckle), so I’m guessing it is about a size 5. But it sure is pretty! Do you want to see?




Bottom line, would I buy Diamond Candles again?


If I had the extra money to splurge?




If you could try one Diamond Candles scent, which one would you try?


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