Oh, The Things You Can Loom!

Hey, everyone! So, I thought I’d share with you all, my current crafty obsession: Loom Knitting. I know, it sounds odd and a bit geriatric (no offense to all of the lovely, somewhat older folks who are, I’m sure, masters of the loom. Knit on!), but I promise you, once you start looming you will not want to stop!

This here, is my small collection of Knifty Knitters by Provo Craft. There are four round/hat looms that came together as a set, a purple long loom, a flower loom (peach colored, in the middle of the round looms), and a spool loom. The Knifty Knitter sets come with a looming hook, plastic tapestry needle, and booklet of basic instructions- all you need to get started on some pretty neat projects.


Now, I never would have known these wonderful tools existed if it weren’t for a fellow loomer, and good friend of mine, who was all too happy to thrust the world of loom knitting upon me. On one of our frequent coffee dates, she decided to bring along her looms with a hat and scarf set she had just whipped up for her son. I was impressed. Not only did the process look like something I could easily do, but the final pieces were quite nice. I knew I had to try it out!

And, I did. After running into our Local Walmart and dropping a measly $15, I was well on my way to making anyone and everyone a hat and scarf. But, that’s all I was making- a basic hat and basic scarf. At first I was delighted. I was making things, being creative. However, I wasn’t feeling very creative knitting hat after hat, scarf after scarf, all using the same two patterns. So, I packed up my looms and forgot all about them….until, I saw the loom knit ruffle scarf on YouTube. As soon as I saw it, I knew what I was making for Christmas gifts! :)

Below are just a few of the ruffle scarves I made with my Knifty Knitter long loom. I prefer working with the Red Heart Sashay yarn, but you’ll find other brands out there with different textures and patterns that may catch your eye. All of these ruffle style yarns will work on the loom, however, you may need to make adjustments to the pattern if you find your yarn has smaller or larger holes to work with. With mine, I went with every other hole instead of doing them consecutively. This way I allowed the yarn room to stretch without pulling the knit too tight or causing any rips.

Here is a link to the video I followed when learning this particular looming technique.


And, these are some of my loom knit slouchy hats. I will say, these have been my favorite projects I’ve made on the loom so far. Mostly, because I’ve made myself a few already and am now very much into hats. It can’t be helped, really. They’re easy enough to make, they’ve come in handy on these super cold Winter days, and they look cute. :) I prefer using chunky yarn, usually grabbing Hometown USA by Lion Brand, Bernet Softee Chunky Yarn, and Cozy Wool by Loops & Threads. Using chunkier yarn means a thicker and warmer hat, and in my opinion, a better looking hat.


The Basket Weave Hat and Slouchy Beanie patterns/tutorials (Green, Pink, Light Grey, and dark Brown hats pictured above) were found on YouTube HERE and HERE.

The Perfect Slouch hat pattern/tutorial (The Cream and dark Grey hats) was found on another blog through the wonderful world of Pinterest. I found the tutorial on the This Moment is Good blog.

I really am glad I gave my looms another shot. Between the beginning of December and just last night, I have knitted almost daily. Whether it’s a holiday gift, a commissioned piece, or something for myself, I sure have kept busy and have had fun doing so. If you’re looking to try out something new, I suggest giving loom knitting a go! If you’ve loomed in the past and gave up because you felt stifled by the lack of available patterns, head over to YouTube and Pinterest and get back into it! And, if you’re still looming and loving what you have created, please share your projects, pics, and experiences with us! :)

So there you have it, the story of a girl and her Looms. Next, I think I’ll let YouTube teach me how to crochet. :)

Have a happy day, all!

~ A.G. Dow ~

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