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Hey Everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted on this blog. Since school has started it has taken a little work to get a routine going and get our new schedules down, which I’m not still used to. I have some exciting posts ready to go up on the blog, including a tutorial on a Truffula Tree I recently made Lilli for her birthday and I believe one of my Blooming Buddies, A.G. Dow, has some makeup reviews to share with you. In the meantime, I have something else I wanted to share with you today.

Lilli recently brought home a brochure for the March of Dimes from school. She proceeded to tell me that she needed to find money to help the sick babies. I tried reassuring her that it was okay and that it could wait until later but she was adamant that we had to do it now. Those sick babies just couldn’t wait! Moments later I heard a loud rattling noise coming from her room and so I went in there to investigate and she was trying to shake the money from her bank so that she could take it to school with her. It took some convincing but I told her that I would look into how donations worked and figured she would forget about it after a little while. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping charities! It’s just that I try to not spread myself too thin and the two main ones that I already support are the Epilepsy Foundation and the Save the Manatee Club. But as it turns out, Lilli has not forgotten about the sick babies and I’ve had to wrestle the Princess tin, where she has put her money, away from her each morning. I feel like a warden doing a pat down to make sure she isn’t hiding contraband!

So here’s the deal! In an effort to accomplish multiple goals in one shot, I have signed myself up for the March of Dimes March for Babies walk that is here in my town on October 26th. So what goals am I referring to? Let’s take a look:

The ‘Fat-Be-Gone’ Goal: It’s a four mile walk so that will help with my efforts to lose weight. I’ve been making strides to shed my extra weight by taking a cross fit class so adding this walk on top will help with that. Honestly I don’t even know if I can do four miles but I guess we’ll find out!

The “Feel Good” Goal: Let’s face it. Helping people out always makes us feel better about ourselves. And when you are helping babies, it gives it that extra special touch! <3

The “Raising-Her-Right” Goal: Lilli has always been a sweetie pie and eager to help. Her willingness to empty her own bank for the babies is proof of that. So it is my responsibility as a mother to go the extra mile (or four!) to show her that I support her efforts. Doing so will not only let her know that I support her but will hopefully encourage her to keep supporting others in the future!

The “Mmmmm, Pizza” Goal: Did I mention pizza? Lilli’s entire school (5k – 5th grade) is raising money for the March of Dimes and the class that raises the most money will win a pizza party! It took me over a week to verify that online donations DO count towards winning the party. The coordinator that is in charge of the event is also trying to get it approved to have two winners: one for grades 5k – 2nd grade and the other from 3rd – 5th but I haven’t received verification on that. I’ll update this post when I do receive confirmation on that.


Lilli with her Princess tin of March of Dimes donations

Lilli with her Princess tin for March of Dimes donations


So how can you help? Well, there are two ways:

The first way is to visit my Personal Page on the March of Dimes website and make an easy and secure donation. Your donation goes straight to the foundation to help all of the sick babies because as Lilli told me, “Nobody deserves to have a sick baby.”

The second way is to come and walk with me. To do this you’d have to live nearby of course, but if you’re going to be in Union, South Carolina on October 26th then come on out and we can walk together! Aren’t nearby? That’s okay! There are events being held all over. Just visit the March of Dimes home page to find an event near you!

All donations and miles walked for this great cause are greatly appreciated!

Stay Creative!


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4 Responses to March of Dimes – Helping Babies

  1. Lisa says:

    This is just so sweet.
    She’s one very special chicky babe that is for sure!
    I am going to send her my famous Aussie Pal salute from Melbourne, Australia and say “Good on ya mate!” :)

  2. Lisette says:

    This is such a wonderful blog, Jaidis. I know that Lilli has given you so much to be proud of, and here is one more thing — one more AMAZING thing.

    She’s a very special girl and you’re a very special mom. Thanks for sharing this.

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