DIY Nail Polish!

Have you ever wanted your nails to be a certain color but no store had a color remotely close to the one you envisioned so you had to settle for something else? Why not make it yourself?!


I came across an awesome DIY Nail Polish tutorial by Lindsay @ Delighted Momma and couldn’t wait to try her advice! You can check out her original post HERE.


So here is my experience with making my own ;-)


First, you will need a few things to get started:

  • A bottle of clear polish
  • Eyeshadow to color the polish. Feel free to be creative!
  • A couple of toothpicks
  • A funnel or something to make a funnel


Since this is the first time I have tried something like this, I used a bottle of old top coat that I had. Yes, it is so old it was starting to turn yellow from age…lol. The Maybelline eyeshadow (on the left) is one of my favorite shades! In fact I was a little hesitant to use it because I didn’t want to use too much and not have any left to wear. You can’t tell from the picture very well but it has a golden sheen on it that I love! The container (middle) is a pink eye shimmer that I thought would add a nice shimmer to the color.

For this next step I just laid a piece of paper down as my work surface. I dumped out a generous amount of the pink eye shimmer. I used more of it because I knew from using it that even though it looks pink, once applied to the eye it is really just a shimmer with hardly any color so I figured it would have the same effect on the polish. Then I took a toothpick and very gently scraped some of the eyeshadow out on top of the pile. I used long strokes so that I didn’t mar the surface of my eyeshadow too badly.

Then you just add the eyeshadow to the bottle of clear gloss. Lindsay suggests pouring out some if the bottle is full so you have room to work but I didn’t have to do that since this bottle was half-full to begin with. Also, make sure to break up any clumps in the coloring before adding it to the polish. If there are clumps you will probably end up with a bumpy polish, especially if it doesn’t get mixed well.To make the funnel, I just rolled up paper. I used scissors to cut it down to a more manageable size and a piece of tape to hold it together.

As you can see from the picture, I filled the empty space in the jar with eyeshadow :-)

Here is a picture of it after a little mixing. Just wanted to show the process :-)

After I got the majority of the eyeshadow mixed in, I put the brush back in and made sure the lid was on nice and tight before shaking it vigorously for awhile just to make sure that it was all mixed. I spread a coat on one of my nails and it was still a little more transparent than I liked. To fix this, I got some more eyeshadow (this time adding a little black eyeshadow) in hopes that it would not only darken up a touch but make it a solid color with shimmer.

It worked! The little bit of black I added darkened the polish and made one coat solid.


My Verdict:

Using this method to make your own nail polish is not only easy but quick as well! The polish went on smoother than I thought it would even though it is slightly thicker than most polishes I have bought. My only complaint with this polish is that it has a matte look to it instead of being glossy, which I prefer. I’m not sure if it lost its shine due to the age of the polish or just because of the eyeshadow that was added. Either way it was an easy fix and I just applied a coat of clear gloss on the top :-)

This is after applying one coat of the nail polish I made.

This is after adding one coat of clear gloss top coat. You can tell by my camera’s flash that it’s glossy now ;-)


Thank you so much Lindsay for sharing this idea with us! I can’t wait to try it again! In fact, I want to get some of those mini bottles to experiment with and see what colors I can come up with! That way I don’t have full-size bottles of polish sitting around until I find a color, like this one, that I love.


Until then, I’m going to call this color ‘Blooming Jaidis’ in honor of my blog since it is the first project to be posted.


Stay Creative,




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