DIY Project: Decoupage Vases with A.G. Dow

Here is another awesome DIY project by Blooming Buddy A.G. Dow! Check it out! ~*~*~*~   Materials Needed: Glass vase (or jar, candle holder, etc.) Mod Podge Gloss or Matte (I used Gloss) Mod Podge Glitter (only if you’d like a glitter finish) Foam Brush Gift wrap tissue paper Clear Acrylic Sealer ( I used Krylon)     Before You Begin: Make sure glass is clean and dry before beginning this project. Cut tissue paper into strips. I cut mine the length of the vase, and made them 1-2 inches wide. Set aside for later.   Step 1: Using a foam brush, apply Mod Podge in sections, being sure to stroke evenly from top to bottom. You will not need a lot of the Podge, … Continue Reading

DIY Project – Tinting Glass Jars with A.G. Dow

The first Blooming Buddies contributor post comes from A.G. Dow! I was discussing with her various techniques of tinting glass jars and so we both decided to give it a whirl. The tutorial that we decided to try first was originally posted on the It’s Overflowing blog.   Let’s take a look at A.G.’s experience! ~*~*~*~   Ingredients Needed: 1/4 Cup of Mod Podge, Gloss 3 TBSP Water Liquid Food Coloring Glass Bottles/Jars   Before you begin: Collect all of the needed ingredients and supplies. In addition to the Mod Podge, water, food coloring, and bottles, I used two small bowls for mixing (one for water and one for Mod Podge), something to stir with ( I used an old spoon) and paper towels for messes/clean-up.   … Continue Reading