Back to School – Kindergarten Style!

Back to School


It’s that time! The time that I have been dreading for years. The first day of Kindergarten. My daughter, Lillianna, is my only child and I am extremely protective. I’ve hardly let her out of my sight since the day she was born. No daycare or preschool. She has hardly even spent the night with grandparents and the very few times that she has gotten to do so was due to times that I was either out-of-town or in the hospital. Some may say that is holding her back but at least I can say I know where she is and who she is with. But that is neither here nor there. Knowing that school was approaching this year, I had to make the decision to either send her to public schools or keep her home with me and teach her myself. I’m sure it comes as no surprise, but yes I seriously considered the latter option. However, with me working from home already and having a very busy workload, I wasn’t 100% positive that I would be able to handle adding the title of teacher to my resumé as well. To prepare myself, I started ‘cutting the cord’ as my husband calls it by allowing her to take a summer tumbling class at a gym in town. The class only lasted an hour and it allowed her to interact with other kids her age and allowed me an hour to sit at home and pace nervously, grasping the phone in one hand just in case they called because she had fallen and cracked her head open or broken something while glancing at the clock every thirty seconds. After eight classes, the summer session was over and she had an amazing time and I was starting to be okay with her being away for a little bit. I could tell that she was a people person and I knew that she would most likely be okay once the dreaded K word started.

August 20th, 2013 saw us taking her to the school for a Twas the Night Before Kindergarten event. She was able to see more of the school, where her classroom was, and meet her teacher again. They even pulled all of the attending children to the front of the cafeteria to sing some songs, none of which knew the words but that was okay because it was still adorable to watch even if my heart was breaking. Luckily I was able to keep it together so I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of the other parents! LOL!

We get home from the event and after the normal nightly routine, it is time to settle in and get some rest for our big day! Lilli is already excited, which she displayed by laying awake in her bed for almost four hours! Not that I could say much since I was up until two hours before the alarm sounded off. And I did what every normal parent does and watched over my baby while she slept, making sure that she was okay. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture so I could remember Lilli’s last night of being home with me 24/7.


Morning has arrived. Nausea. Shakiness. Sweating. Yep! That can only mean one thing. School. I kept hitting snooze on the alarm because I didn’t want to wake her up to start the day. I just wanted another day. I could just keep her home and she could start the next day, right? I finally pulled myself together and got her up and ready to go. She was so excited and couldn’t wait to go to school and show her teacher her new outfit!

First Day of 5K

And it was a good thing she was eager to go because dragging my feet almost made us late! LOL! We were walking down the hall to her class as the first bell rang. Talk about close! I always hated being late. Her eagerness was left at the door when she saw all of the kids in her class. She took a few steps into the room and wasn’t too sure if she wanted to go find her seat after the teacher asked her to do. After a little encouragement she did go and just sat and took everything in. I wish I could have scooped her up and taken her back home with me! I probably would have if they would have let me! Hehe!


But by the end of the day, she loved school and can’t wait to go back! And so, if you aren’t doing anything at this particular moment, Lilli has made a Vlog to share with you her experience about her first day! It does last ten minutes though and contains a lot of rambling but let’s be honest, if you’ve made it this far then what’s another ten minutes, right? ;)


Do you have a child that just started Kindergarten? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Was it scary for you? Were you excited to get your child out of the house?


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  1. K.Ann Woods says:

    OH how absolutely darling – Miss Lilli was so excited – loved watching this and Hope you let her post many many more – tell her NaNa is very proud of her!

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