Christmas In July Giveaway Hop!

Christmas In July Giveaway Hop July 11 – July 25 #ChristmasInJuly   Hey Loves! I’m excited to announce that I’m taking part in the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop, hosted by Parenting in Northern Kentucky! This hop is taking place from July 11th – 25th. There are several great blogs taking part so be sure to enter the giveaway here and then hop around to the other participating blogs, each giving away items perfect for Christmas gifts!   I’m sponsoring the giveaway here on my blog as I am gearing up to re-release my YA paranormal romance, Destiny Awaits, on July 19th!   Title: Destiny Awaits Series: Juniper Grove Chronicles Author: Jaidis Shaw Published: July 19th, 2014 Publisher: Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly Publishing Word … Continue Reading

Product Review: Stitch Fix

  I was lucky enough to be selected to try out a great opportunity from the wonderful folks at Stitch Fix! Have you heard about Stitch Fix? I hadn’t until I was selected via Klout perks to try out their company. So let me tell you what Stitch Fix is according to their website:   ~ What is Stitch Fix? ~   Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You tell us your style, size, and budget preferences, and we send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. Each Fix™ is unique and hand-picked just for you.   ~ How does it work? ~   ~ Sign Up and Complete Your Style Profile ~   After signing up you can start … Continue Reading

Featured: Find the Cutes by Vincent & Celestial Noot!

  ~ What is “Find the Cutes – Playtime” all about? ~   Children are creative. They have a huge imagination. In society today, despite all the technology and opportunities, the greatest happiness is often found in the home. Children give families that extra enthusiastic energy. “Find the Cutes – Playtime” is based on that concept. It sparks the imagination, stimulates dialogue without words, educates, entertains, and inspires.   ~ Who are the Cutes? ~     The Cutes are a family. Their last name is “Cute” and all the kids’ names start with a “C”: Carissa, Chaz, Cade, Cammy, and Cindy. The story is based on the “second-mom” phenomenon: As the oldest daughter you sometimes get to babysit your younger siblings a lot. That’s how … Continue Reading

Easy-peasy scarf ANYONE can make!

Just like the title says, this scarf is way too easy to make. And that means it’s perfect for your little ones to create on their own, or for all of you who lack any knitting, crocheting, or looming skills. All you need is one skein of Red Heart Boutique Swerve yarn in the color of your choice, and your hands. That’s it. Scarf is done! I saw this yarn on store shelves many times before, but for $5.00 a skein and absolutely no idea what to do with it, I always walked on by. That is, until Michael’s was kind enough to send me a dozen emails reminding me of their Big Yarn Event. Of course I just had to go, and there it was sitting in a … Continue Reading

Oh, The Things You Can Loom!

Hey, everyone! So, I thought I’d share with you all, my current crafty obsession: Loom Knitting. I know, it sounds odd and a bit geriatric (no offense to all of the lovely, somewhat older folks who are, I’m sure, masters of the loom. Knit on!), but I promise you, once you start looming you will not want to stop! This here, is my small collection of Knifty Knitters by Provo Craft. There are four round/hat looms that came together as a set, a purple long loom, a flower loom (peach colored, in the middle of the round looms), and a spool loom. The Knifty Knitter sets come with a looming hook, plastic tapestry needle, and booklet of basic instructions- all you need to get started on some pretty neat projects. Now, I … Continue Reading

March of Dimes – Helping Babies

  Hey Everyone! It’s been awhile since I posted on this blog. Since school has started it has taken a little work to get a routine going and get our new schedules down, which I’m not still used to. I have some exciting posts ready to go up on the blog, including a tutorial on a Truffula Tree I recently made Lilli for her birthday and I believe one of my Blooming Buddies, A.G. Dow, has some makeup reviews to share with you. In the meantime, I have something else I wanted to share with you today. Lilli recently brought home a brochure for the March of Dimes from school. She proceeded to tell me that she needed to find money to help the sick … Continue Reading

Back to School – Kindergarten Style!

  It’s that time! The time that I have been dreading for years. The first day of Kindergarten. My daughter, Lillianna, is my only child and I am extremely protective. I’ve hardly let her out of my sight since the day she was born. No daycare or preschool. She has hardly even spent the night with grandparents and the very few times that she has gotten to do so was due to times that I was either out-of-town or in the hospital. Some may say that is holding her back but at least I can say I know where she is and who she is with. But that is neither here nor there. Knowing that school was approaching this year, I had to make the … Continue Reading

Product Review: Viva Labs Krill Oil + Giveaway!

  Random fact about Jaidis that you probably don’t care to know but that I’m going to share anyways: I don’t eat fish. I just have this thing about eating anything that swims. It creeps me out. *shudders* My neurologist tried getting me to take fish oil when I was first diagnosed with epilepsy several years ago but I couldn’t stomach the taste and size of the capsules so I quickly stopped taking them. So when I received an email from the people at Viva Labs asking if I’d like to provide my honest review of their Krill Oil literally three days after my last seizure, I took it as a sign that maybe I should give it another try. So before I get to my … Continue Reading

Product Review: Kiss Marbleizing Pen & Polish

    I have been spending a lot of time at home since my recent seizure and have sadly been neglecting my nails. Normally I repaint my nails every 2 – 3 days to keep them looking their best. The only thing I’ve managed to do since my seizure back on March 22nd is to put on a coat of clear L.A. Colors Nail Treatment Ultra Nail Hardener a couple different times. Which, by the way, is the only nail hardener I use. It is super cheap and works awesome! Anyways, my mom thought I needed to get out of the house and so she took me to the book store and to look at nail stuff and I came across this Kiss Marbleizing nail … Continue Reading

Product Review: Diamond Candles – Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss   I have wanted to try Diamond Candles forever! After entering giveaway after giveaway … and always losing … I finally broke down and bought a candle since I needed to pamper myself. And it is a good thing I did too because the day after I bought the candle I had a relapse in my epilepsy with a seizure that lasted about 18 hours so I really needed to pamper myself.   ~ Pros ~   The candle darkens up after it has been on fire and so it is much prettier than when first received. Since I collect cobalt blue glass, I enjoyed the color.   The wax is soy so it is Eco-friendly and easy to remove from your skin … Continue Reading